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Our Story

We Are On a Mission…

Loco was founded in early 2020, while the world was going through an intensely stressful period. People were cooped up at home, feeling scared and uncertain about the state of the world. Mental and physical health were on the decline due to an increase in everyday stress and anxiety. We realised there was a need for something to help the body adapt to stress, and promote both physical and mental health.

With both of us coming from the health and fitness industry, we were really interested in finding something that could not only help those who were into training and building muscle but also help anyone who is perhaps taking on too much and is struggling to deal with the daily stresses of urban life.

After extensive research, we created the Adaptogenic Urban Blend, which is a supplement containing two powerful adaptogens. Used together, these adaptogens have not only produced great results in reducing anxiety and mental stress, but also in aiding the body's recovery from the physical stress of workouts.

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What We Do

The Life Optimisation Company aims to help you become your best version of yourself through our adaptogenic
supplements, podcasts, blogs, and eco-friendly clothing.

The LOCO is designed for everyone who wants to optimise life. We want to make it easy for people to live healthier, happier, and ultimately more fulfilling lives. We celebrate the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet and the importance of providing your body with nourishing foods that help optimise your physical and mental wellbeing. Our whey and vegan protein powders with adaptogenic herbs are effective supplements for anyone who wants to gain muscle, get leaner, improve digestive health, reduce stress and improve their overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Our Mission & Vision

We’re constantly thinking of how best to optimise your life holistically through health, nutrition, wellness & fun. We
aspire to help educate people around the world on self-development, fitness, health, nutrition, and business. 

Our podcast channel - The Life Optimisation Podcast exists to help you Maximise Your Life. We want to build a global community of support and accountability that provides people with the tools and resources to meet their goals in a unique, supportive, peer-to-peer environment.

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Meet The Team

Meet Andrew & Tim!
They both have a passion for fitness and helping people live their absolute best lives through fitness, health, nutrition and sustainability. They’ve also been friends for two decades! 
Tim has been a personal trainer for over 20 years and since 2016 has owned two fitness studios. When he’s not working in the gym, at The Life Optimisation Company or pretending his dog, Bear, is the CFO of his company, he likes to keep active by being outdoors playing football and spending time with his family.
Andrew worked for many years in the sustainability sector, and although he is really passionate about living more sustainably, his true passion, has always been fitness and the ability it has to change lives. In 2020 he was inspired to make a career change and is now a personal trainer. This has given him the flexibility to spend more time with his family, and his cat Miki, who, unfortunately, was too lazy for the CFO position.